Fitness has been a huge part of my life since I could remember, and I have always enjoyed the endorphins and feeling of well-being that comes along with it. Whether it be going for a run on a beautiful day, taking a dark spin class, kicking my own a$$ at the gym, or slowing down for pilates, nothing feels better than moving my body.

My mission is to empower, motivate, and inspire others to look at fitness as not just a way to get “skinny” or to reach a number on the scale, but to truly reap the mental benefits as well. The mental clarity and boost of energy after a good workout is an addictive feeling that I hope to share with you.

Functional fitness is also a key aspect of my training principles, since working out can help with daily activities, such as carrying heavy groceries, commuting to work, playing with your kids, household chores, and plenty of other physical tasks that arise daily.

Fueling my body in a way that gives me nutrients, as well as energy is extremely important, and I mostly focus on whole, unprocessed ingredients. However, in fitness and health, as well as all aspects of life, I truly believe that balance is key. I am never one to say no to pizza, a cocktail or two, and dessert when I feel like it! Listening to my body and giving it what feels right is also a way to live healthfully, even if that means taking an unplanned rest day when feeling worn out, tired, or overworked.

My hope is to be a positive influence in the fitness community and to have fun along the way! I aim for each client to leave every session feeling strong, confident, energized, and sweaty AF!

Come train with me and see what it feels like to get ShelbyFit!